What I Learned from Publishing 50+ Articles on Medium

Delles Simon 📚
2 min readMar 31, 2023


Image by mikhail-nilov from Pexels

Medium is a great opportunity to expand your writing skills. It can serve as your written portfolio and you can link to additional resources.

You can build a like-minded network of people and engage in several communities. As a writer, the opportunities are endless.

As a reader, you have a plethora of great ideas to learn from.

Here are some of the things I have learned from publishing on Medium:

Have some fun.

If Medium feels like work, then you may limit your creativity at some points.

It’s good to set a daily writing goal, or whatever writing routine you can commit to but find ways to make things fun.

I may play a video game and then write a bit, then play some more of the video game and return to writing just to keep things fresh.

The real way to earn on the Partner Program is with good marketing and promotion.

There are thousands of great articles that probably never get picked up by the Medium algorithm. So you must learn how to get more eyes on your craft.

An engaged email list can seriously help you grow on Medium. Medium has a built-in subscribe feature and using call-to-action language in your posts can help you increase the number of people who get email updates when you publish.

Your Medium articles can help you improve your credibility.

I write to journal my thoughts but sometimes I share lessons learned.

You can strategically build your Medium account to present yourself personally or professionally based on the image you want to craft.

If you research and learn in a certain field, you can share your findings to build your credibility and attract a certain type of audience.

A Routine will make it easier for you to produce.

I like to read over articles and improve them as I clean around my home. Or I may go take a walk outside and edit casually.

Find a routine that works for you and practice the habit of writing daily.

It is a long-term game.

What do you think?