What I Learned from My First Job Out of College

The simplest process to understand to be successful in business

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Unfinished article

My first job out of college was selling insurance for Northwestern Mutual. A family member got me the job and vouched for me. Since she was a part of the branch people said I was in good hands. She is a top performer.

But I failed.

Here is why:

I didn’t use my mentors to the fullest of my ability. I didn’t have much self-confidence at this point and was just discovering how reading would be a lifelong passion.

The purpose of this post is to simplify the process to your business success.

How to apply this knowledge today. Read it and download the blue book example or implement this view in your CRM. I use Podio

3 of us at start

How much they put into training

And setting winning habits

Failure to Success in Selling book by Frank Betger

Also read Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins which was a very long book. At the time Tony was my guy too but then I found The Millionaire Fastlane by MJ Demarco (purchase date).

7 Levels of Communication by Michael Mayer and now the Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.

My experience selling insurance was rough. I made a few calls, got some meetings, but never closed a client. In this setup it was only our responsibility to talk to our warm market and set up the meetings.

Dealing with objections. At this time I knew nothing about knowing truth and conversion.

Also didn’t learn how important follow-up was until years later.

Their process of setting meetings to talk with experienced closers

why I failed in selling insurance

the process can be done by anyone

Action steps for today

1. Understand that Offers are core to business being done

The journal system

Hearing no should not discourage you

There are people in this world looking for what you have to offer. So don’t let people waste your time or don’t waste your own time.

But make sure you understand the people you’re offering to and what they want to accomplish in life. Understand their possible objections before you get on the phone and as you learn new ones.

2. The mentor couldn’t help me if I wasn’t making the offers/activity

I really appreciated the IT queue which was created in Salesforce.

Their systems, the processes to produce a consistent result were straightforward to use with graphical display.

What they were

Why they worked

The system was built well. Made it easy to understand the flow of work (software), regular training and motivations, and the opportunity to mentor with the best at the office.

Maybe talk about e-myth by Michael Gerber.

More about Al Granum and the winning system he created.

What exactly do you need to do to track your daily activity, make your daily activity, set daily goals, weekly goals, and over time improve your closing percentage while growing your network.

Let me see your offer

How many talk to in a daily basis. And the goal to get meetings back to back but people flake and things happen. Most of us get lazy or maybe feel uneasy about picking up the phone.

I’ve said things like I don’t want to watse my time or spend time convincing someone that need what I have when I strongly beloved they do need what I have. They look the part.

3. Winning habits produce sales

How I raised myself from failure to success. What time you wake up. What you eat. How you nurture your mind.

How many offers were made today.

How to prospect here’s a great article I found

Less time thinking more time acting but also taking deep reflection after a number of engagements.

Blue book download



How to use

Let me see your blue book before we talk

If we had to simplify things

You get better at making offers and persuasion through the experiences books give you. Framework for new ideas to try in the field

4. My CRM, KPIs, weekly analysis, knowing when I made a weak day

Quid pro quo

Success is not a mystery at all just daily actions

You can improve your offer with The Irresistible Offer by Mark Joyner, The Irresistible Consultant, and Contagious. Even the lean startup, MVP then gets feedback then continues building, measuring, and learning.

5. Process makes events

Success leaves clues. Practice makes perfect.

Can’t get perfect from the field but can become an astonishing closer when you understand your offer and how to convey it to people so they know why they need it and what would be painful to them if they didn’t buy.

Thanks for reading please let me know what you think. Even while you are working you need to be consistent in making offers. Calling people. Setting meetings. And being the professional to make sure the meetings happen.

Follow up is so important here. You should have your CRM, so you can see who you are top of mind with and using systems such as social media email and SMS to remain top-of-mind.

Thanks for reading.




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