Wednesday: A Chilly Morning

Journaling before bed

Delles Simon 📚
2 min readDec 1, 2021


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(54 degrees F° outside)

My favorite time of the year is just before summer when the Texas heat picks up.

I’m not much of a winter person because it dries my skin out. I also don’t like being cold.

I stayed up pretty much the whole night watching documentaries about Mexican cartels, Sedona Arizona, and dinosaurs. The YouTube recommended feature is bananas and they reeled me in.

I think it’s because I’m naturally curious…

I think it’s so cool that we can learn just about anything online these days. There are practically no gatekeepers for knowledge in today’s world.

I want to express gratitude today for everything going well in my life and everything I am having trouble with too. Each aspect makes me the man I am. Each aspect can sharpen me in some manner.

I have to work in about 3 hours so I need to get at least a few ZZZ’s but was having trouble sleeping after 4 hours of YouTube. Don’t watch videos right before bed!

When I do this my brain becomes active and then it is hard to wind down so I decided to hop on Medium.

Maybe that was a bad move because that means even less sleep but I want to acknowledge the fact that when I get off of work for some reason I don’t have the energy to write. Maybe a little.

But after a focused day of work, I get off from the JOB and am literally tired and uninterested. I have much respect for all the people working full time jobs and running a business and/or raising a family. It is not easy.

I just want to put the pieces together.

I want to build this empire, put my friends on, retire my family members, and go on vacations with those I care about.

I want to develop a deeper connection with the creator. I want to master myself and master finances. I want to share my gifts with the world. I want to be selfless.


I am grateful that I am still breathing and can still clearly articulate my thoughts. I am grateful for shelter, food, and an opportunity to make something of my life.

I am grateful for my choppy writing style and grateful that I am far from perfect. I am grateful for LIFE and this very moment.

I hope you start today by thinking of all of the things you are grateful for… and if you have to work, reframe your view because you “GET" to work.


Peace and love,




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