8 Things Learned in Unscripted by MJ Demarco

Image by wocintechchat from Unsplash

This book is about mastering entrepreneurship and fonancial freedom in a no nonsense manner.

MJ breaks down these key points:

#1 Understanding what a value array is in your market and for what you want to offer.

A value array is analyzing all the different features that someone/a company is offering in your market. If they have pizza… what toppings? Can it be delivered? Will they cater?

If you are about to start a pizza company, you want to know who the best in the market is and what all they are offering in their value array.

#2 Start with ONE. Start by serving your first customer to the best of your system’s potential.

Noticing the script

#3 “Value Vouchers” instead of money which imply you have to be valuable to get paid more/rewarded more in this world.

#4 CENTS for deciding if a business opportunity will be lucrative for your time and money investment:

C — Control

E- Entry

N — Need

T — Time

S — Scale

#5 Scale vs Magnitude

#6 There are no wealth chauffers.

Are they getting paid for the knowledge they teach or what they actually did?

#7 Productocracy where 1+1 = 3

#8 Money System: something that generates income for you for life whether you work or travel



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