The Irresistible Offer: Become A Superhero in Your Business

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This is a must read marketing book by Mark Joyner which teaches you the core principles of creating offers that your customers will love and eagerly pay for! It is a short read and entertaining, especially if you like Domino’s pizza!

It helps to first understand what an offer is and how it relates to your life. Every interaction we make as humans for the most part involves an offer. I give you something and I get something in return.

So understanding what an offer is will help you on a social level but also on a business level because offers are the core element to doing business…

1. If you are not making offers, you are not closing business.

Also the essence of being successful or well-connected in modern society is making offers to other people on why you would be beneficial in their network (and backing that up exceptionally/consistently)

2️. Get better at making offers by understanding the three core elements of an Irrestible Offer: Touchstone, High ROI, and Believability

  • Touchstone: A statement that addresses as many of the following points as possible:
    ✔ Here’s what we are selling.
    ✔ Here’s how much it will cost.
    ✔ Here’s what’s in for you.
    ✔ Here’s why you should trust us.
  • High ROI: ROI means “Return on Investment.” Every purchase is essentially an investment. And, if your customers are not getting something from you that is perceived as greater in value than what they are investing, then they’re getting a negative return. If this is the case, you’re not going to be doing business very long.
  • Believability: The bigger and bolder you make your Touchstone, the more difficult it is to prove, and the harder you have to work to sell your believability and your credibility. The author recommends using various forms of social and technical proof.

3. Apply “Offer Intensifiers” such as urgency, one time offer, and risk aversion

4. Continuum exercise, ranking your offer on this criteria:

5. Psychology: Think deeply about your prospects and how they experience life. Think about what values they identify with and see your offer from their point of view.

What types of offers are people accepting everyday?

What do people spend money on? What do they NOT spend money on… sometimes even when there is a need/want and they have the money available?

How well do you understand the desires/needs of your prospects? What are their fears?

6. Application and scorecard which comes by tracking your activity daily

To measure the effectiveness of your offer, monitor your closing rate.

Also spend time studying other companies making irresistible offers in your market (and in the world). Document how you feel when you experience an offer like that.

People pay (with their time and money) for PERCEIVED VALUE. When value consistently exceeds expectations, most people continue to come back for a “second drink".

With The Irresistible Offer in mind, you can frame your pitch to the world to be more receptive for your target audience but first you must understand who you are targeting. And then what exactly you are offering and is it really… Irresistible?

If not, how do you make it “irresistible”?

A deeper understanding of what we crave as humans, our need for survival and progress and our fears will help you better shape your offers and get a higher closing rate.

It should also allow you to serve your clients at a higher level.




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Delles Simon 📚

Marketing Coach | Author | Join my newsletter at or listen to the podcast:

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