The Simplest Financial Book for Results

Image by chronisyan from Unsplash

A book that will help you grow in your finances is The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clawson.

Here are some lessons I learned from one of the most powerful financial books I’ve ever listened to. It is a book written in parables and its fun to see how we can relate to each of the characters. It also makes learning easier to relate in stories.

Work is my best friend and I like to do good work because it is fulfilling to the soul.

And these laws of gold have proven to be true for me but test them for yourself:

Take advice about fishing from those who are experienced and tried-and-true in the field of fishing… because everyone loves to give out advice, be careful that you accept what is worth taking.

Once your investment capital starts to build up, a seemlingly endless array of investment opportunities will present themselves. Some of these will be genuine, but most of them will be doomed to failure with only a small chance of succeeding.

The key factor in looking at any proposal is to examine the background of the people making the proposal and their intentions. Have they actual experience in that field of business, or are they just giving you an opportunity to use your money in pursuit of their idea?

Save no less than 10% of every dollar you earn.

Learn how to MULTIPLY your money.



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