Reinventing Yourself by Steve Chandler — The Gems!

Delles Simon 📚
1 min readApr 23, 2021
Image ianstauffer by from Unsplash

Let’s talk about the “Victim vs owner” mentality. Are you feeling powerless in your life? Or do you know you have control over your experience.

There are somethings we cannot control and we must let them go but the many things we can control we must focus on.

You have the power to reinvent yourself at ANY moment you can literally change who you want to be at any moment… sometimes we feel LOCKED into our ways but we CAN change.

On your death bed, you will not wish you had been more comfortable, you will wish you had ventured out more.

Creating a no fear list by writing down 10 things we fear and doing 1 thing on this list.

And also we are either givers or takers. Energy is a big and we should devote our energy to being givers. And notice the takers in your life.