Don’t Lose Your Vision, Have A Roadmap

Image by anniespratt from Unsplash

Sometimes we feel lost in life, maybe that we aren’t accomplishing all that we were meant for. Or we hop on Facebook and see our friends loving life and we are just working and can’t find the reason why we are living it up.

First, it's all a matter of perspective. Second, we must create the flow for our life and attack it until it is our reality. We can so do starting with:

Flow charts your life out, your next three months. And make your goals visual.

What is the identity you are trying to achieve? Who do you want to become?

And one of my favorite questions to ask recently: What could this be? OR How big could this be?

When you get discouraged or knocked off course, listen to some Zig Ziglar or Jim Rohn and get back at it.



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